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Waiting List for Requests

Updated 5/19

Please note: If you have chosen to be listed under your baby's name please be aware other babies may have the same name. If youre confused where you are on the list consider being switched to your first and last name. 

The list has been grouped by tens to make it easier to track your progress. 

Those  needing to be custom made are put together in the order received. Those that are ready and can be packed right away are. Names marked with ** are ready, packed, and awaiting funds for mailing. This is an EVER changing list as blanket donations arrive here regularly. 


Lesley green **

Rachel Rhine** 

Beau wamsley** 

jaxon Nate, Noelle Jax**

Chloe Strickland **

Jennifer Angert **


Dominic Clydsdale **

Violet June Beaman-Percival **

Laura S** 

Charlie **

George and Ella **

Arlene Cisneros **

mcKenna Rose Hartley-Pettis **

Ellie Smith **

Emily B-H **

Courtney Denny**


Megan S **

Brianna Taylor **

Stacey Rushton **

Melody Parkison **

Jianna Jenesis Jordan-Foster **

Darla Steele **

Joanna Howard**

Lexxus Wright - in progress

Tabitha M **

Carter Gray **


Izzy **

Rosie Melanie Joyce Squire 

Vincent Anthony Bell 

Bentley Moore** 

Cerissa Bond **

Benjamin Paul Schnare 

Francis Laxton 

Adriana Gleason **


Barry Aubrey Budbill IV


Elizabeth A **

Gabriel **

Onyx **

Josephine Domenech **

Jessica Minges **

Baby Bird 

Rayna M **

Danielle Stromberg**

Quinn Grace Ferreira **

Sara miles **


Kate J **

Stephanie W **

Kadence **

Christy C 

Lauren F **

Baby harrris **

Amy L-E

Caitlin B **

Jeremy and Jessica Mahaffey **

Aubrey Hope **


Bethany G **

Brianna Haskell 

Baby Blevins 

Karyson Nathaniel Reed **

Desiree M **

Chelsea Busby **

Amber Bonde **

Tiara Alexander **

Kaylie C **

Raven Dotson **


Jayden Jackson **

Kristy Beasley **

Micaela A **

Kyleigh M **

Danielle Culley-Wicks **

Olivia Lynn Rose**

Kalyx Rose Flynn**

Camden Luke Hitt

Darian H-K**


Octavia Grace 

John Triton Chestang

Amelia S **

Charlene Drewery**

Roise Marsh **

Noelle E 

Nicole Campbell **

Bella Marie Rose 

Yolanda M 

Stacy Stines **


Jen Pierce 

Daisy Timler 

Fox Wilks **

Alison McMillin **

Alexa Mancilla **

Cristy Girten

Skyler Duling 

Lacey H 

Kim Lankinen 

Axyl James Jans **


Candice H 

Jessica W 

Rachelle Wist **

Alaina Madonia 


Abigail Miriam McCann 

Jason Seroter **

Savannah Burns 

Jennifer Smith 

Oliver Michael Burns **


Anna Bowles** 

Lori-Ann Liddle**

Dakota james Tyree

Danielle Horne 

Keilyn Rose 

Tamara Devi 

Lisa Bell 

Baby F , EJ


Taylor Ables 


Morgan Kayce

Riley Dalton Blankenship 


Heather Hopkins **

Byron Conrad 

Heather Hambrick 

Bryonna Koch 

Luna Jade

Raelynn Marie Roeseler **

Zoe Quiroga 


Emori Snow 

Tammy Baggett **

Victoria B 

Kari Chapman

Dhelcee Inclano**

Caitlin Ardoin 

Skarlet Grace Palmieri 

Stella Alexandra 

Katie Neumann **

Alice Hill 


Ceretha Jones**

Amanda W 

Jenna Hastie**

Charli, Hermoini, Anakin, Nicklaus, Arya, Katherine, Delilah Smith, 

Anakin Moody, Baby M

Rachelle Behr

Rose L 

Kaitlyn H

Veronia Ortiz **

Charlie Jean Winterburn **


Baby Kilgore


Solar Rylan 

Kelsey Bowyer

Baby Catron

Danielle Sterling 

Karla L 

Chloey R 

baby Ross 

Dallas Wilson 


Lourdes Ramirez

Ashley Stinson

Ross Alton Hain 

Lindsay W 

Addison Rose Champagne 

Kori Moore

Mya Marie Weiss