Angel Blankets

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*Who are the blankets for?

   The blankets are ONLY for families who have experienced child loss. We particularly send for miscarriage and stillbirth, but are not limited to just those. 

*Can I request a blanket for a friend or family member?

     The answer is a hesitant yes. I prefer, whenever possible, to work directly with the families.

*How do I get an Angel Blanket?

   Please fill out the "request a blanket" form.

*What if I have more than one loss?

     You may, if you wish, request a blanket for each individual loss. Some people prefer to have only one blanket to represent all losses, other would like one for each. It is totally up to you. You can fill out a separate request form for each, or clearly use one form.

*Do you ship outside of the US?

   Yes. As long as I have the funds, I will ship anywhere.

*How much do the blankets cost?

     The blankets are FREE as a gift from Angel Blankets.

*If the blankets are free then where do you get the funds to make and send them?

     Angel Blankets is completely donation run. 

*Who makes the blankets?

     I have a decent size group of volunteers (most whom I've never met!) that make and send me blankets. I make small changes as I need to so a blanket fits a request. I do make some of the blankets myself.

*How do I wash my Angel Blanket?

     Since I do not make all the blankets myself I do not always know the exact type of material and it's recommended cleaning instructions.  I try to warn people of special care instructions if I know of them (like I make a blanket containing wool yarn).  The best and safest thing to do would be gently hand wash with mild soap, if needed, in cool water.  Then, carefully squeeze excess water without wringing. Reshape and dry flat.  That should cover all the specialty yarn. However, if you know your blanket is made from only acrylic yarn it is safe to wash in cool water and dry on low.

*I want to donate to Angel Blankets; what will the money be used for?

     100% of all money donated goes directly towards Angel Blankets.  The organization is entirely volunteer run, so no person received any money as compensation. The monetary needs of the organization are mainly for shipping costs and materials (yarn, fabric, etc). There are also occasionally office related expenses like the purchase of envelopes to send thank you letters for donations. =]

*I see you are set up for PayPal donations. How much money does PayPal keep?

     Angel Blankets is recognized as a 501c3 not for profit by PayPal. This gives us the lowest fee possible. PayPal keeps 2.2% plus $.30 of each transaction. There are additional fees if donating from outside the US.